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Philippines Maid For Hire In Trusted Agency Malaysia

Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to balance work, family, and household chores? In today’s fast-paced world, finding time for everything can be challenging. Jack of all trades, master of none; no matter how able you are, there will be times in your day when a pair of hands is what you need.

Hiring professional help is the best option unless you have a willing friend or family member with organizing and cleaning experience around the house. Having a clean home is usually the primary benefit that comes to mind when hiring a domestic assistant, but there are many other advantages!

With the assistance of a skilled domestic helper, you gain peace of mind knowing that your home is well taken care of. Beyond just having a clean home, you also free up more precious time to focus on other priorities or responsibilities that matter to you.
Investing in housekeeping ensures a tidy living environment and contributes to your home’s longevity. A clean and organized space promotes a healthier lifestyle and fosters a positive atmosphere for you and your family. When you have children, especially, the germs from school and dirty shoes can cause a lot of stubborn stains and tension in a home.

Not forgetting an exciting social life! Imagine being able to entertain guests without worrying about cleaning up later. With our Global Ace contract domestic helper or part-time maid from Philippines, you can enjoy entertaining and socializing without worrying about a mountain of unfinished housework.

The M40 group in Malaysia finds it difficult to balance work and family obligations simultaneously. Having so many obligations in one day is not simple. Despite this, most homeowners discover that employing foreign domestic helpers may be quite expensive and that hiring a full-time maid through an agency sometimes involves a waiting period.

Uplifting the employment agency industry in Malaysia by providing high-quality service to all-income household owners, Global Ace is an employment agency licensed by the Ministry of Human Resources and Immigration Department of Malaysia and registered as No. JTK2974 and IM.101/HQ-J/857/4-933 respectively.

Global Ace supplies both contract and part-time maids from Philippines as well as domestic helper services to households in Malaysia around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. For contract maids, the employment contract duration is for a period of 2 years, while temporary maids can be hired on a weekly or monthly basis.

Global Ace is your trusted maid agency with a pool of highly professional Philippines maids in Malaysia for hire. Our maids will undergo a mandatory and comprehensive in-house orientation and training, especially for the new hires. We also will take care of the maid’s FOMEMA medical check-ups, work permit renewal, insurance, passport renewal, embassy endorsement, and many more services, making the process seamless and hassle-free for you.

Sign up with Global Ace today! We are the trusted Philippines maid agency in Malaysia. Feel free to look at our maid profiles by filtering out the services and nationality based on your needs – Do check out our Cambodia or Indonesia maids should you need them!