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Filipino Maid For Hire!

Jack of all trades, master of none; no matter how able you are, there will be times in your day when a pair of hands is what you need. More so if your time and energy have to be divided with the demands of your children and a full-time job.

Juggling isn’t for everyone. Unless you have a willing family member or friend who is experienced in the domestic world of cleaning and organising, then hiring professional help is the solution for you. When hiring a domestic helper, the main benefits people often think of is having a clean home but frankly speaking, it’s a whole more!

Offering more than just a clean house, homeowners can also get peace of mind and more time for themselves to relax and simply enjoy catching up on their favourite activities. When you invest in housekeeping, you are also gaining greater house longevity.

Not forgetting an exciting social life as won’t it be nice to invite loves ones over for tea or dinner without worrying about the mess you have to clean after in the kitchen? Or the bathroom that needs a shine before they arrive? With a contract domestic helper or temporary maid, you will have more time to plan your house-gathering and then bask at the moment.

And a clean home also makes a healthier home! When you have children especially, the germs with them from school and dirty shoes can bring a lot of stubborn stains and tension in a home. Here to provide you with not just a healthier house but an even healthier mind, Global Ace is the solution for you.

In Malaysia, the M40 population especially struggles to juggle family and career simultaneously. It is not easy to hold that many responsibilities in a day. Even so, most household owners find the preposterous cost of hiring foreign domestic helpers challenging and the waiting period when hiring a full-time maid through an agency as a common problem.

Uplifting the employment agency industry in Malaysia by providing high-quality service to all-income household owners, Global Ace is an employment agency licensed by the Ministry of Human Resources and Immigration Department of Malaysia and registered as No. JTK2974 and IM.101/HQ-J/857/4-933 respectively.

Leading maid agency since 2013, Global Ace supplies both contract and temporary Filipino and Indonesians maid as well as domestic helper services to households around Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Ipoh, Penang and Johor. For contract maids, the employment contract duration is for a period of 2 years, while temporary maids can be hired on a weekly or monthly basis.

We have a line up of highly professional maids from Philipines and Indonesia for hire who will undergo a compulsory and extensive in house orientation and training, especially for all newcomers. Global Ace will also manage their FOMEMA medical check-ups, work permit renewal, insurance, passport renewal, embassy endorsement and many other services to ease your maid hiring process. With Global Ace, rest assured that your house and family are you are well taken care of.

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