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Global Ace Maid Agency: Provide Best Maid Service for 4 States in Malaysia

The effort taken to get a home sparkling clean and completely free of mess can without a doubt be a painstaking task. Naturally, a clean home is a happier home and we all hope to consistently live in such environments. However, a clean home is also a time-consuming and exhausting affair. When your weekdays are spent all day in the office, the last thing on your mind when coming home after is to tidy up. Which is why folks like so and those with a lot of family responsibilities often believe that hiring professional domestic cleaning service or maids from an agency for their homes is the wiser thing to do as it not only time-efficient but will greatly benefit your mental health.

Registered and most reliable maid agency in Malaysia, Global Ace Maid Agency (Agensi Pekerjaan Global Ace Sdn. Bhd.) is an employment agency licensed by the Ministry of Human Resources and Immigration Department of Malaysia.

Operating and standing strong since April 2013, Global Ace aims to uplift the employment agency industry in Malaysia by providing a high-quality cleaning service to families and helpers. To date, we have provided maid service in several states including Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malacca and Negeri Sembilan.

As the leading maid service provider, Global Ace Maid agency’s values represent their core beliefs on how they conduct their business. We set and achieve excellence and the best quality in every task; having integrity by doing the right things; finding fulfilment in our work; respect the differences of each person and their rights to participate without bias in the workplace, their communities, and this country; and finally, always making wiser decisions than the last to organically expand the business.

No matter where you are in the country, Global Ace will provide the same high-quality maid service whether you have signed up for a contract and temporary maid, as well as domestic helper services.

For contract maids package, the employment contract duration is for a period of two years, while part-time maids can be hired on a weekly or monthly basis. We employ highly professional maids carefully sourced from the Philippines and Indonesia. Every new maid and domestic helper will undergo an extensive in house orientation and training. Global Ace will also manage their FOMEMA medical check-ups, work permit renewal, insurance, passport renewal, embassy endorsement and many other services to ease your maid hiring process. Rest assured with Global Ace, your beloved home and family will be in excellent hands.

Hurry and sign up with us today to enjoy a stress-free and relaxed weekend with your loved ones!